SiliconPV Conference

Technical Tour: French National Institute for Solar Energy

Participants of the SiliconPV Week have the unique opportunity to sign up for a Technical Tour to visit the French National Institute for Solar Energy (INES) – a world leader in R&D, expertise and training for advanced photovoltaic solar technologies, their integration into electrical systems, and intelligent energy management. After the tour, we invite you to get together for drinks and a snack before the bus shuttle will bring you back to the conference venue.

Take a Tour!


We are happy to invite you to the following locations on the grounds of INES as part of the Technical Tour Program:

  • Grid Control Lab unit
  • silicon cell labfab 
  • Solar Cells unit
  • PV module and system unit
  • INCAS unit

Day:     Wednesday, April 17, 2024
Time:   15:45 - 19:00 (CEST)
Registration fee: 25,-  EUR

► Deadline for registration: March 20.

Participants attending the tour will meet in front of the registration desk to be assigned to small groups.

Grid Control Lab Unit

Grid Control Lab unit not only enables realistic and flexible grid re­creation for energy management purposes, but also the design, development and testing of components. In particular, the static converters that will be common in the power grids of the future. The multi-megaWatt platform has an experimen­tal 20 kVac HTA loop, which can be either isolated or connected to the public distribution grid. It includes four transformers dedicated to experiments, two of which are adjustable on the low-voltage side. Some areas are dedicated for testing innovative medium vol­tage DC distribution networks up to 3kVdc.  Particular emphasis has been placed on the flexibility and modularity of this new platform in order to meet our partners’ expectations as quickly as possible, and this at a representa­tive power scale.

Silicon Cell Labfab

The silicon cell labfab is representative of an industrial cell production line. It is used to complete the necessary proof-of-concept testing on new cell technologies, ensuring optimal transfer to our manufacturing partners.

Solar Cells Unit

The Solar Cells unit supports on the one hand researches on passivated contacts technologies (TOPCon, heterojunction and their evolutions) for advanced and sustainable crystalline silicon solar cells. On the other hand, a part of the unit is fully dedicated to the development of perovskite devices, especially for their implementation in perovskite on silicon tandem cells, a technology that is rapidly gaining attraction at CEA and in other research organizations worldwide.

PV Module and System Unit

The PV module and system unit develops processes and materials for the packaging of heterojunction, TOPCon and tandem cells in high-performance photovoltaic modules. The unit possesses extensive know-how not only in development, but also in modeling and predicting performance, energy yield. It also develops innovative integrated photovoltaic modules and systems for building, vehicle, infrastructure, agricultural and floating applications using a circular economic approach. Deployment of silicon based modules in various space applications is investigated by the research teams. Development of novel processes for high-value PV module recycling, and demonstrating the repair and re-use PV panel are also major part of the activities. The unit couples PV modules with systems that collect and convert the energy produced into electricity and that enable its safe, efficient management.


INCAS unit is a set of experimental tools designed to improve knowledge of highly energy-efficient buildings, preparing the building of the future and anticipating new regulations.

Drinks after the Lab Tour

At the end of the tour please join us for an informal get-together.


Contact Person

Contact Person

Iris Krucker

Project Manager

Contact Person

Contact Person

Gayane Grigoryan

Project Assistant, Conexio-PSE GmbH