Scientific Topics 2023

  • Silicon material and defect engineering
  • Wafering technologies and direct-wafer production
  • Silicon solar cell process technologies (advanced light management, junction formation, cleaning, surface passivation)
  • Carrier selective contacts, metallization and contact formation
  • Si-based tandem cells in combination with perovskites, III-V and alternative materials
  • Process integration and low-cost manufacturing
  • New manufacturing tools
  • Cell characterization and simulations
  • Module characterization and simulation
  • Digitalization, data processing and machine learning in PV
  • Module processing and materials
  • Module reliability and energy yield
  • Customized modules for buildings, vehicles and other special applications
  • Sustainability, life cycle assessment, and circularity

Topics covering n-type material and/or solar cells will mainly be scheduled on the overlapping day with nPV.