SiliconPV Conference

Chairperson’s message

Dear SiliconPV Friends,

The silicon solar community is living an exciting time.

The performances of single-junction silicon cells and modules are still remarkably improving, despite efficiencies that have never been so close from the theoretical limit. The past few months, new records were broken for heterojunction and TOPCon devices, with innovative approaches identified for going even further! This flurry of outstanding results is even truer for perovskite on silicon tandem, with efficiencies now approaching 34%. 

Furthermore, the growth of the modules production capacities is maintaining its extraordinary dynamic. The solar manufacturing industry should be soon deployed at the terawatt level and significantly contribute to the global warming mitigation. Promising initiatives for new gigafactories are flourishing worldwide.

This future terawatt-scale deployment raises new challenges in terms of manufacturing but above all, crucial and fascinating challenges for making solar a sustainable industrial sector.       

All of these aspects, from new concepts for single-junction and tandem to sustainable industrial devices, from silicon materials to premium and reliable modules, from advanced manufacturing to energy yield and cost considerations, will be at the heart of the next SiliconPV conference in Chambéry in April 2024.

Chambéry’s area, located in the French Alps between lakes and mountains, inspired some of the greatest French poets and philosophers, and has always been committed to the development of solar energy. We hope that this venue for SiliconPV will also inspire great exchanges, fruitful discussions, new ideas, while favoring international cooperation, in order to contribute to significant progresses for a sunny future! We are looking forward to discovering your latest results.  

This year, beyond SiliconPV, two other major solar events will take place the same week, the nPV (with an overlapping day with SiliconPV) and BifiPV workshops.

An exciting solar week in an exciting time for solar!

Looking forward to seeing you in Chambéry for the SiliconPV 2024 conference!


Sébastien Dubois, 

CEA INES, France

SiliconPV 2024 Conference Chair

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Contact Person

Iris Krucker

Project Manager, Conexio-PSE GmbH

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Contact Person

Gayane Grigoryan

Junior Project Manager, Conexio-PSE GmbH