Welcome to SiliconPV 2024!


The 14th edition of SiliconPV is set to unfold on April 15-19, 2024, hosted by CEA and INES in the picturesque city of Chambéry, France.

The conference will focus on personal exchange and discussion. A wide range of social events and the possibilty to take part in a technical tour of the lab set the frame for the program. In case you are not able to join in person you can still follow the sessions online with our "hybrid-light" solution.


As in previous years, SiliconPV proudly continues its collaborative efforts with the nPV workshop and bifiPV workshop.


Join the SiliconPV week and gain valuable insights into the dynamic world of crystalline silicon PV. The agenda covers an array of compelling topics, including hybrid tandems with silicon bottom cells, simulations/characterization, p-type and n-type solar cells bankability, and much more!   >> Read our Chairperson's Message

SiliconPV Conference from April 15-17, 2024

The conference itself covers a spectrum of captivating subjects around crystalline silicon for photovoltaic application, reaffirming its status as the leading technology for solar electricity generation!


nPV Workshop from April 17-18, 2024
Scheduled immediately after the SiliconPV conference and overlapping for a day, the workshop provides a comprehensive overview of emerging trends, innovations and developments in n-type technology. The nPV Workshop is hosted by CEA, France, and is seamlessly linked to the SiliconPV conference


bifiPV Workshop from April 18-19, 2024

In addition, this time the bifiPV Workshop on Thursday and Friday will also be take place during the Silicon week in France, offering a convenient and efficient means to participate in all three events.


Join us in this immersive experience in April in Chambéry, France!

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You are welcome to read the SiliconPV 2024 Chairperson's Message!


Chairperson's Message

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Thank you for all your valuable submissions for the SiliconPV Conference! The upload is closed and the review is about to start. We are thrilled to begin with first drafts of the program. Further details are in the author's corner.

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