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Technical Tour to Chint / Astronergy

On Wednesday, June 03, 2020, participants of SiliconPV, nPV and/or bifiPV will have the special opportunity to visit the PV production line at Chint Solar/Astronergy in Hangzhou.

During the tour participants can see that with digital twinning technology, the CPS production information management and control system of Chint can project production scenes onto the screen in a timely and accurate manner. In this way, Chint can clearly see the position of any module in production line, grasp the current working status indicators of each procedure and equipment in real time; with backstage big data analysis, technology can be optimized and abnormal product quality analized. In each procedure of module production, the deep integration of modern industrial intelligent manufacturing can be seen.

Date:                      June 03, 2020

Time:                      afternoon / early evening (tba)

Duration:               approx. 2-3 h

Fee:                       10 € (+VAT if applicable)

Registration for the tour is required and will be available in the conference/workshop registration.
Bus shuttle will be provided.


Hangzhou Intelligent PV Plants - Chint Solar/Astronergy

As early as 2009, Chint Solar/Astronergy has taken the lead in layout of intelligent manufacturing in the industry. Hangzhou Intelligent PV Plants was also designed and constructed by Chint Solar/Astronergy in accordance with the concept of Made-in-China 2025. It was put into operation in 2016 and listed as Sino-Germany Intelligent Manufacturing Cooperation Pilot Demonstration Project by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.


Located in Binjiang, Hangzhou, the workshops of Chint Solar/Astronergy Intelligent PV Plants occupy an area of about 4700 square meters. A full set of domestically made automatic photovoltaic production equipment has been introduced and independently integrated, which enable it to have most of the intelligent elements required by Industry 4.0. In terms of hardware equipment, production process and industrial software, it shows a strong power of intelligent manufacturing and reflects the current domestic photovoltaic components of the highest level of manufacturing.


Based on automated production, intelligent plants continuously enhance information management services by using the IoT, monitoring and visualization, data integration, etc. to improve the controllability of the production process, reduce manual intervention on the production line, and rationally make schedules. Based on end-to-end data flow and supported by big data and cloud computing network interconnection, Chint Solar/Astronergy integrates intelligent tools and intelligent systems to build efficient, energy-saving, green, environmentally friendly and comfortable humanized plants, with intelligent plants as the carrier and the intellectualization of key manufacturing processes as the core. Its construction goal is to shorten the product development cycle, reduce the consumption of resource and energy, lower operating costs, improve production efficiency, upgrade product quality, and continuously deepen industrial reforms to help industrial upgrading and development.

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