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Fast upgrades to silicon science and technology through “flash tutorials”

To bring young scientist and engineers up-to-speed, a set of six short tutorials will be organized in the Sunday afternoon preceding the conference.


Program (as of September 01, 2017):

Sunday, March 18th

Welcome, drinks, sandwiches for registered students/scientists/guests

12.30-13.30 - Tutorial 1:
Understanding and controlling lifetime killers in p-type and n-type wafer (tutor: ISFH/ECN)

13.40-14.40 - Tutorial 2:
The PV c-Si zoo: al-BSF, PERC solar cells, alternative structures and bifacial configurations: (tutors: UKN/ISC)

14.50-15.40 - Tutorial 3:
Physics of passivating contacts and high temperature processes: how to get a maximum voltage from your cells (tutors: ISE/ISFH)


16.05-16.50 - Tutorial 4:
As few steps as possible: low temperature passivating contacts and silicon heterojunction solar cells (tutors: EPFL/CSEM)

17.00-17.45 - Tutorial 5:
Getting the current out: the multiple approaches for metallization and  interconnection (tutors: IMEC)

17.55-18.20 - Tutorial 6:
Better than silicon: approaches for multi-junction silicon based tandem (tutor: CEA)

18.25-19.00 - Tutorial 7:
Making it all reliable: how to make modules surviving the worst weathering conditions (tutors: ECN/CEA)

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Dates & Deadlines:

Call for abstracts: 01.09.2017

Deadline for abstracts: 13.11.2017

Notification of Acceptance: 11.01.2018

Start of online registration: 11.01.2018 

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