Executive Committee Testimonials


“SiliconPV because there is still so much to learn and improve!”

Christophe Ballif

“SiliconPV because scientific advances matter to THE global warming-limiting photovoltaic technology!”

Sébastien Dubois

"SiliconPV because we love high-quality discussions with PV specialists in a convivial atmosphere"

Wilfried Favre

"SiliconPV because I like high and STABLE efficiencies."

Stefan Glunz

"SiliconPV because here relevant trends and research results are discussed on a high scientific level"

Giso Hahn

"SiliconPV: The foundation supporting the fastest-growing contribution for addressing global climate change."

Ron Sinton

"SiliconPV because science and technology development are key for large scale deployment of photovoltaics."

Arthur Weeber