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Welcome to SiliconPV 2021!

SiliconPV 2021, the 11th International Conference on Silicon Photovoltaics will take place online from April 19-22. It will cover the latest trends and results in advanced technologies, materials and concepts for crystalline Si solar cells and modules. The Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin (ISFH) will host the event and will welcome participants to share and discuss the latest results and findings in the field.

Online Conference

For the safety of all attendees and involved parties and to enable all scientists and PV experts around the world to participate the Excecutive Committee has decided to go fully online with the conference.


The program in 2021 will be close to the well-known form of the on-site conferences of the last years: You will find high-level scientific talks, poster sessions, question and answer rounds and lively discussions, a sponsor area and many opportunities for social exchange between all PV experts from science and industry.
We’ll do our best to achieve the special community flair of the conference online as well!

We are looking forward to welcoming you online!


Register Now...

...and be part of the conference!

The online registration for SiliconPV 2021 and/or the nPV Workshop is open.

Detailed Scientific Program

The detailed daily program is available online. Click on the session titles to get details on all presentations and posters.

Registered participants can use the login button above the program to download the short summaries.


The program covers 4 keynote talks from research and industry.

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Social Program

The social program and time for personal exchange is an important part of SiliconPV... you won’t have to miss out on it this year either!

Internal Area

Registered participants can now access the Internal Area including:

  - the list of participants
  - short summaries of all accepted abstracts
  - videos of all presentations (available for streaming)
  - all posters
  - full papers (if cleared for publication)

Chairperson's Message

Since the beginning of the year, the worldwide crisis caused by the spread of the corona virus has affected each and every one of us. This also influenced everyday scientific life and of course all our conferences and meetings where personal exchange is an important part of.


However, it is really essential to also keep fighting not only the corona virus but also the very dangerous crisis of global warming. Therefore, let us take the current situation as a challenge to continue pushing forward the science and technology of crystalline Si photovoltaics. This can strongly support a faster transformation towards a fully renewable energy system that does not leave anyone behind.


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SiliconPV in Conjunction with the nPV Workshop

As in the last years, the nPV Workshop takes place successively to the SiliconPV conference with one overlapping day on Wednesday. It'll give you a complete overview of all trends, innovations and developments of n-type technology.

Virtual Conference Platform

All registered participants may now enter the Virtual Conference Platform!

Please use the login and password you received before.

ISFH Technical Tour

Exciting insights into the laboratories of ISFH and at the University of Hanover await you during the technical tour on Wednesday, April 21.

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Dates & Deadlines

Start of online registration: February 10, 2021
End of early bird: March 8, 2021
Deadline for full papers: April 23, 2021
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