FAQ for the online part of the event

Where can I find my login to the virtual event on SCOOCS? How can I log in?
Check your Inbox and spam folder for an email that was sent from info(at)siliconpv.com for your login link. You will be asked to set your own password if you have not yet registered. If you already registered and forgot your password, click on "Forgot your password?" and follow the steps to set up a new one.
If the email is missing, please contact us at info(at)siliconpv.com

The virtual conference platform SCOOCS does not show properly
Please use the Chrome browser or the new (!) Edge browser as other browsers may raise problems.

Where can I get an overview of the conference program?
Both an overview and the detailed program can be found here.
In addition, you can find the program in the "Conference Lobby" on our virtual conference platform SCOOCS.

Where can I find the poster exhibition?
In SCOOCS, our virtual conference platform, click on "Poster Area" in the navigation menu on the left-hand side. Poster booths will be accesible there until one month after the conference.

My microphone and/or video is not working in Zoom
In general: Please check if your computer and/or headset is unmuted; you may also want to try another USB slot on your computer for your headset.
In Zoom: Check if your computer/headset is unmuted, your tab is unmuted and if you have selected the correct audio output (e.g. your headset). 
If it still does not work, have a look at the settings in your browser: under 'Privacy and Security' you will find the site settings, here you can give permissions for Location, Notification, and: Microphone and Camera.

Will the presentations and Q&A be available for download after the conference?
No, video presentations will not be available for download. However, the sessions will be available for streaming on demand after the event (only including presentations that are cleared for publication).

I heard that the presentations will be available as Streaming on Demand. When will this be the case?
All presentations and PDFs provided by the authors will be available after the event in the Internal Area on the conference website (if cleared for publication)

For how long will the presentations be available in the conference portal?
All session recordings and poster PDFs (if cleared fro publication) will be available in the Internal Area of the conference website for circa 12 months after the event.

Need a chat room?
Chats between two participants are possible on SCOOCS. Simply find someone you would like to connect with under "Participants" (either in the list or via the search bar in the top right corner) and click on the speech bubble on the right side to send a message.