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Hangzhou Innovation Center (Zhejiang University)

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      Amrock Pty Ltd
      TNO Energy Transition

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SiliconPV Buddy

Find a new friend from another country with the same interests in PV

For the first time it its history SiliconPV will take place in China. We are looking forward to a great conference with new perspectives, versatile contributions and exciting cultural experiences.

SiliconPV 2020 aims on a fruitful scientific exchange and provides an opportunity for the different scientific PV communities to meet and share their recent achievements and developments. To foster networking and communication SiliconPV offers you to become a “Buddy” for another participant from another continent but with the same interest in PV development.

  • If you are from China and you are interested to help a foreigner to discover your country,  interested to help a foreigner to find his/her way in the city of Hangzhou, to practice another language, to share your interest in technology development, …
  • If you are from overseas and you are worried about going to a new unknown country, if you are interested to discover China with the views of a local, interested to practice your Chinese, ...

... this is for you! Please tell us that you want to be matched with a buddy from the other country.

The organizers will form couples (or groups) always with Chinese and non-Chinese attendees. You will have the chance to contact your Buddy before the conference by e-mail, meet on-site in Hangzhou (or at the airport, or train station) and build up a personal and scientific relationship which may endure the conference.

Ideas might be:

  • Help with questions on travel in China, in Europe or another foreign country
  • Experience Chinese culture on site (get recommendations for food / restaurants, discover the city, cultural events etc.)
  • Help to set up personal contacts in China/Europe/America/Australia…..; e.g. support in arranging a local company or institute visit
  • Get support with English correction of the poster, presentation or paper – or with deciphering Chinese characters
  • Ask things about the other culture you always wanted to know
  • Share your passion and ideas about PV technology development


… and just have a good time together. It is all up to you.




SiliconPV 2020的宗旨在于进行卓有成效的科学交流,并为不同PV科学社区之间提供最新成果交流与分享的机会。

为了促进交流和沟通,SiliconPV筹划了“寻伴活动”,为您提供了另一个来自其他大洲,但对PV发展同样感兴趣的 “伙伴”:

  • 如果您来自中国,有兴趣帮助外国人了解自己的国家,有兴趣帮助外国人熟悉杭州市,有兴趣练习另一种语言,有兴趣分享您对相关技术发展的看法,…
  • 如果您来自海外,担心要去一个陌生的国家,或者有兴趣与当地人一起探索中国,有兴趣练习汉语,…




  • 从“伙伴”那里获得在中国,欧洲或其他国家旅行的帮助;
  • 亲身体验中国文化(获取美食/餐厅推荐,探索城市与文化活动等);
  • 在中国、欧洲、美国、澳大利亚等世界各地建立个人社交网络;
  • 获得有关本次会议海报、演示文稿以及文献的英文更正与中文翻译的支持;
  • 询问有关您一直想了解的其他文化的问题;
  • 分享您对光伏技术发展的热情和想法;
  • 一起度过美好的时光。



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Dates & Deadlines

Early Bird Discount: May 03, 2020
Full Paper Deadline: May 01, 2020


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